Today I picked up a fantastic Ib Kofod-Larsen lounge chair off Craigslist. It’s a rare event when a CL lead turns golden, but I got lucky today.

The chair is in good to excellent structural shape, but the wood needs cleaning and polishing – and it is bleached in spots.

The upholstery appears to be original and from the period – a great textured light mustard. Of course, it is so worn it has to be replaced.

Here is the fun part, what fabric to use on the refurbished chair?

This is the chair that could easily be a fantastic centerpiece in a room, so using a colorful textured solid would be my first instinct. Perhaps a wool from Maharam, or a textured weave from Knoll. The hard part will be putting this rare and desirable chair up for sale after I reinvent it, I know I’ll want to keep it for myself!